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Fangirl Challenge → [2/5] Pilots: Gilmore Girls (October 5, 2000)

Last Friday these two guys were tossing around a ball and one guy nailed the other right in the face. I mean, it was a mess, blood everywhere, the nurse came out, the place was in chaos, his girlfriend was all freaking out, and you just sat there and read. I mean, you never even looked up. I thought, ‘I have never seen anyone read so intensely before in my entire life. I have to meet that girl.’”

If you haven’t watched this show you are really missing out.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 4/10 movies » Back to the Future (1985)

"There’s that word again. ‘Heavy.’ Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?"

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The Evolution of Women’s Hairstyles

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-You’re staying?
-Was there a good or incredulous question mark at the end of that question?
-Oh, very good. Besides, the heavy lifting is behind us.
-We’ve laid that cornerstone of truth.
-Pounded that sucker into place.
-Besides, it’d be such a waste of time and effort if you left.

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The beach was so nice today

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Steve + shields

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